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The Trinity Story - In the Beginning
The Trinity Story - In the Beginning

The Trinity Story - In the Beginning

(Автор) , (Автор)

46,90 лв.

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The Trinity Story book series retells the Biblical account in story form, while aiming to remain true to traditional Christian theology. Striking the delicate balance between theological accuracy, divine inspiration and artistic license, The Trinity Story is a must-read for all who seek to follow the ancient path in a modern setting. 
Illustrated with inspired artwork that speaks directly to the heart, this first book of the series takes the Biblical account from the creation of the world to the Fall of Man while laying a theological foundation for God’s triunity, His attributes and His ultimate purpose for humanity. Through its intriguing plot and compelling characters, In the Beginning addresses themes such as the origin of evil, people’s relationship to the spiritual world and the central role the Son of God plays in humanity’s redemption.
ISBN: 9786199193808
Размери: 165 x 260 x 15 mm
Тегло: 0,524kg
Брой страници: 256
Език: Английски

Коментари и отзиви

Владимир Наков  (15.09.2022)

This is a story of the beginning, a story of the creation of everything. It’s not an ordinary story. It is based on the primordial truth of the Bible mixed with the imagination of the author. I don’t know which parts of the book are inspired by the Holy Spirit and which are of the authors’ imagination, but I was stunned when I read about the birth of the universe and of mankind. The vastness of this process is beyond human understanding. At the same time, it speaks about the origin of evil and how humanity was overcome by sin. But it is also a story of hope because love and faith are here and they are stronger than sin. The impact of this novel on the readers leads them to understand the root of sin and helps them liberate themselves from it through the power of the Holy Spirit. I recommend this novel to anyone who seeks to understand the world we live in and the path to freedom from spiritual darkness.

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The Trinity Story - Where theology, inspiration and imagination meet

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